Tribute to a Dear Friend and Mentor

“It is good for me to be here”.

Countless times has Big Friend-Little Friend heard this phrase. Whether it was mentoring her Little Friend, attending a monthly Fun Function or discussing ways to grow the program at our board meetings, Sr. Eileen was always there with a smile on her face. She brought out the best in us all, youth and adults alike. We joked that no matter how poor of a day we may have had, when Sr. Eileen showed up our frowns were turned upside down.

It will be hard to fill the void left in Sr. Eileen’s wake, as she was always helping somewhere in the community. We will always remember her for her caring attitude and giving personality. Guiding others was indeed a passion of hers, as she kindly shared her positive outlook on life with all who made time to listen. She was truly a mentor to people of all ages. 

We will miss you, dear Sister. Thank you for all the time we were blessed to have with you, and for all the positive impact you had on our lives.


Sr. Eileen shown helping her Little Friend Calida carve pumpkins in 2014.


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