January Fun Function

As we approach our last weekend in 2016’s National Mentoring Month, we at Big Friend-Little Friend want to share a little from this month’s Fun Function, where mentors bring their Little Friends for a night of friendship, fun and positive attitudes. Read below for a recap of this month’s Fun Function. For the full gallery of pictures, click here!

Once again, January has been a cold month for us here in Yankton. Activities for a group of young people are limited to indoors (for the most part). Fortunately for us, Yankton is equipped with some great indoor venues. This month, BFLF families spent an evening at the NFAA Easton Archery ComplexWe enjoyed Godfather’s Pizza right away, which led right into our archery lesson. We began with a stretching and safety lesson to ensure no one was injured throughout the night! Remember, safety first!


NFAA staff leads us through stretching exercises before target practice. 

We then split into three groups of about twelve people and took turns shooting at targets. After we got the jitters out of the way, NFAA staff pinned balloons on each target, making the challenge a bit more difficult! Most everyone hit a balloon by the end of the night, and unused balloons were (of course) immediately played with after our lesson was over. It turns out we have some sharpshooters in our group!


One of our Little Friends, Andrew, almost had a “Robin Hood” shot!

Overall, the night was a huge success. Thank you to NFAA staff for inviting us into their space for the evening, and for spending one-on-one time with our group. We hope to visit again later this year!


Alex and Triston, her Little Friend

Thanks to all Big Friends, Little Friends, Board Members and family that joined us on Monday. It was great to see everyone. See you in February at the Summit Center! Until then: stay positive, show good character and be awesome!