About Us

Big Friend-Little Friend, Inc. is a nonprofit IRS 501(c)3 community resource designed to give a young person between the age of 7-14 (Little Friend) the opportunity to gain the friendship and example of a positive and sincere adult (Big Friend).

Big Friend-Little Friend, Inc. matches an adult volunteer with a young person in our community. The one-to-one relationship that develops between the Big Friend volunteer and the Little Friend enriches the life of the young person and volunteer, as well as enhances the family structure.

The purpose of this program is not to reduce the family. Rather, it offers a special strength to the family. This takes place through providing the Little Friend with a positive role model outside of the family atmosphere.

Our belief is that the Little Friends, Big Friends and community all benefit from a program that intercedes with youth growing up in an environment that has the potential to benefit from additional adult friendship and guidance.

Big Friend-Little Friend, Inc. is not an income-based program. Youth from all socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to join our program. Youth within Yankton County are primarily served, but youth from the surrounding areas are more than welcome to join the program.



Originating in 1977, Big Friend-Little Friend, Inc. has been in existence for just over 38 years. During this time, the program has touched the lives of over 1,200 adults and children.